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We are a team of five well-experienced people who can help you renovate your house efficiently. We have been in this business for decades and have enough expertise to guide you about the whole home renovations. Our experiences have taught us how to remodel a house you are living in without actually causing much disturbance to your day to day lives. We don’t just assume due to our past experiences and go ahead with your remodeling. We will sit down with the entire family to understand what each member wants and what the ideas they have are. Then we try to understand how your life is in the house. This helps us efficiently plan how to renovate each part of the house, to suit both your tastes and convenience. We have an in-house architect who can take care of the demolition and construction efficiently. When you have a professionally qualified and experienced architect on your renovation team, you will get unique ideas and the plans can be easily approved by the concerned authorities too. There are a number of formalities to adhere to when you construct and this can be completely taken care of, by us. Next, we have a civil engineer who will know not just how to build what we are planning but will also be able to study your current building and analyze what can be done. Sometimes different materials used can pose new challenges in renovations. Knowing just the latest technology and practices will not suffice when you are renovating. Old houses need to be handled with care and every step has to be planned perfectly. Our three interior designers can give you unique ideas both on paper and on the computer, for you to peruse through and decide before we go ahead and implement it. With technology growing by the day, you need to be abreast with it to stay on top of your game. our members do just that and offer you nothing but the best.

Remodel Your House Efficiently

Looking to redecorate or renovate your home? it can get a little too expensive if you do not plan well and pay attention to the tiny details. The renovation is more complicated and sometimes more expensive than building a new house because you will have to work around what is already there. You will have to take into consideration what is already in the house and use materials accordingly. If you are planning to do over your house completely while you are still living in it, you need to do it part by part. Here are some ideas as to what you can do:


It is always easier to do the garden as you can keep away from it and need not walk through it every time you need to get something from a particular room. However, if you are renovating other parts of the house as well, it is advisable to do the garden last. The simple reason being, this is outdoors and tomorrow if there are materials and rubbish to store due to the renovations on the inside, it will be kept in the garden only. Also, the laborers will sit around in the garden when they want to relax. There is no point in spending a big sum of money on it and spending all your time trying to protect it. You can get a professional landscaper to do the garden. If it is a spacious and big garden, you can get levels. Different levels in a garden can make the place look bigger and grander. The bottom-most level can be where the kids play, the topmost level can be where you can get tasteful patio furniture, for you to sit on while having your cup of coffee in the morning. You can plant flowers and other eye catchy plants on the middle level. This way, tomorrow when you or your guest steps out of the house, they can sit on some furniture while looking over your flora and the kids playing.


This is one of the easiest parts of the house to renovate. While there is work going on here, one can always use other parts of the house to eat in. you can just change the paint color of the walls and get a new light fixture to hang above the table. If you have old fittings where the light is mounted on the side walls, change it to the ceiling and position it exactly over the table. You can get a nice grand chandelier or go in for multiple fancy lights. You can get a nice painting to hang on the wall facing the entryway. This will eye catchy and get all the focus of the person walking in through the door. The star of the area is your dining table. If you want a big change in the room, the best idea would be to change the table. If you have enough space, get a long table with nice carvings. This can look medieval but it will look grand and impressive. Get beautiful placemats or table runners to add a bit of color to the area. Your cutlery can match or contrast the runner on the table. Now this will not cost you as much as constructing a new dining hall and will also not cause any dust or hindrance to moving around the house.

Living Room

This is the first or the only room your guests will see. This has to set the tone for the rest of the house. If you are low on your budget and are not planning to renovate the whole house, this should be the area to renovate. Rearrange your furniture and change the orientation of the entire room. Get a different color paint or some textured paint for the wall facing the couch. You can even invest in wallpapers. You will have more options; it takes lesser time and costs a fraction of painting the walls. Get something interesting to hang on the walls. Need not be a painting but can be masks or other tchotchkes you get in other countries. This will make your room look unique and can also serve as a conversation piece when you don’t know what to talk about to certain guests you never expected to walk through your doors.

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